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no time 4 anything

Just a few words to say I am about to leave... again. I came back on Saturday but it was late and I was so tired that I went directly to bed. On Sunday I had to do a lot of things and unfortunately I didn't have time to check all my favourite blogs... I just had a quick look at Microsiervos, I'm really geek.

I have no time to explain the wonderful week I've spent in Planoles and La Cerdanya... but I can tell it was great. Now I'm going to Cunit, my boyfriend will come tomorrow to spend a couple of days there and I will be back here in Barcelona by the weekend. I hope to have then more time to write down a diary of the past week holidays... I'm taking the laptop so I will look for a wireless network, but I'm afraid there are no geeks in Cunit... Anyway, I will write down some things offline and upload them when I am back.

Disclaimer: this post was written in 5 minutes, so forgive me if there are spelling mistakes. Why in English? I felt like doing it!

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